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I LOVE MY NO PREP YOGA GUIDES & I HOPE YOU WILL TOO! “I created No Prep Yoga Plans because I wanted a go-to guide to help me create a quicker, easier, and more rewarding class for my students. Being a part-time yoga instructor who teaches only a few classes a week and not a whole lot of time to prepare, I was looking for a way to create an inspirational yoga class in a moments notice. I absolutely LOVE using my No Prep Yoga Guides. Typically, the day before a class, I will use the No Prep Themed Table Guide to help me build a class fast! I never have to stress over what I am going to teach or spend hours researching or putting a class together. It’s all right there at my fingertips. I teach with so much more confidence now! It has also made teaching much more fun and rewarding for me, and I know my students are benefiting as well!” Try out the samples!

Rhonda Jones

Intervention Teacher, Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Retreat Faciliator

Rhonda Jones has exceeded my expectations again. No Prep Yoga Plans should be included in every Teacher Training Program. This is such a beneficial resource for Yoga Teachers both personally and professionally. After I completed my Teacher Training I was overwhelmed and a little burned out. I felt intimidated and wasn't sure where to begin. This guide helped me create the foundation for my classes as I added my signature style. I have multiple commitments and sometimes find it difficult to find the time to prepare proper sequences for every class ahead of time. The self-reflective meditations are extremely helpful as they allow me to center myself before each class. Rhonda provides the roadmap that creates space for me to be still. It is mutually beneficial for my students and myself. "No Prep Yoga Plans" is the Yoga Teacher's Pocket Bible. "No Prep Yoga Plans" are Comprehensive Cliff Notes for Yoga Teachers. Visit her website at In the Flow Wellness

Regina Queen

Relaxation Therapist, Yoga Instructor, & Wellness Coach
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