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Inspirational No Prep Yoga Plans

Inspirational No Prep Yoga Plans includes inspirational themed class openers, guided meditation and relaxation scripts, yoga sequences, breathing techniques, and more. Great for teaching an uplifting, inspiring, and holistic yoga class.

Christian No Prep Yoga Plans

Christian  No Prep Yoga Plans include faith-based themed class openers, guided Christ-centered meditation and relaxation scripts, yoga sequences, breathing techniques, and more. Great for teaching a faith or scripture-based yoga class.

Yoga books

*** Themed class openers, relaxation scripts, guided meditation scripts, and meditation overviews are different in each book. Yoga sequences are the same. 

As a new teacher, No Prep Yoga Plans has sparked my creativity and given me the confidence to take the seat of the teacher and pursue my passion. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough! You’ve truly created a confidence-building gift for new yoga teachers and I’m so grateful.”

"No Prep Yoga Plans makes it so much easier to meet my clients where they are at while delivering a professional service they really appreciate! I love my eBooks, since I can export pages to a file for each module and not have to go looking for a reading or a sequence during a session."

"I absolutely love the No Prep Yoga Plans and have already had it bounded into a book. I especially love the meditations, so thank you so very much for creating this."

“I’m so enthusiastic about No Prep Yoga Plans! As a newbie Yoga Instructor, these books are so helpful to save me time from having to create sequences from scratch."

Each 275-Page Guide Includes:

Yoga Class Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

meditation overvew

16- Relaxation Scripts

yoga poses for ailments and illnesses

Yoga Poses for Ailments

Yoga class themes

30-Themed Class Openers

yoga guided meditations

32-Guided Meditaiton Scripts

Mindful Cues & Awareness Cards

Meditation Overview Instructions

Meditation Instruction

Yoga and essential oils guide

Essential Oils Guide

Quick Yoga Poses Guide

Quick Yoga Poses Guide

yoga sequences

36-Yoga Sequences

yoga verbal cues and names

Yoga Names and Cues


Ebooks can be printed/copied and added to binder or used with iPad or Laptop!

No Prep Yoga Plans Christian Ebook


Immediate Download

Inspirational No Prep Yoga Plans


Immediate Download

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Download Both Ebooks:

No Prep Yoga Plans

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No Prep Yoga Plans

$124.95 + Shipping

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q and A

The Inspirational No Prep Yoga Plans contains content that is spiritual in nature, but not religious and would be appropriate for any class for inspiration, growth, and healing. The Christian based No Prep Yoga Plans contains scriptures,  Biblical principles and references, and is Christ-centered. It is designed for those who want to honor God in their yoga practice. 

Each guide contains 294 pages.

Each guide has different yoga theme openers, guided meditation scripts, relaxation scripts, and the meditation overviews are different in each one. The other elements are similar. 

Yes, you can. You can also send it to your local copy center. On the thank you page (at the bottom) I have placed a link to a discount copier that I have used that does a great job. You can ask them to bind for you as well. Also, I recommend putting your ebook in a nice binder to protect it. 

If you order the ebook, you will receive it immediately. For physical books, it takes about 2-3 weeks. Please note that we are also in a shipping crisis in some areas and may take a little longer.  Also, if you include your mobile phone with your order, you’ll receive shipping updates and a tracking number once your order has shipped. Look for “Lulu” has shipped your order on your phone.

Just send me an email and I’ll send you an invoice for the difference plus shipping cost. 

Yes, occasionally I will send out a discount coupon code to subscribers so please join the email list to be notified.

Please see the refund policy as well as terms and agreements (below) before ordering.

Terms and Agreements

Please read over terms and agreements before ordering. 

    •  No parts of NPYP can be copied and distributed for yoga training classes, workshops, or otherwise.
    • All the material present with No Prep Yoga Plans is exclusively for personal and physical class use only.
    • If you are teaching on a paid fitness platform you can use the materials to teach your class.
    • No portion, part or content of the Website/Material in a partial or entire portion of the content can be published over the Web (comprehensive of social media platforms or video sharing platforms), without our written consent.
    • The user may use NPYP to create a video on a paid or closed platform that includes his own set of customers that is not open to the general public. The user can however, use the NPYP sequences to plan and implement his yoga classes for both online and physical classes.
    • Please see return policy below.

What is the Return Policy?  

I know you are going to absolutely fall in love with No Prep Yoga Plans and wonder how you ever lived without this valuable resource. But, I do realize that it may not be a perfect fit for everyone. If you find that this product isn’t working for you, please follow the return policy steps for your money back.  Should you desire a refund, please throughly read our policy before ordering. 

For Physical Products: Please notify us for a return verification and to request a pre-refund form in order to request a  refund.  Product must be received within 30-days of purchase in like-new condition to receive full refund. We do not compensate for shipping cost. 

For Ebooks:   In order to discourage fraudulent ordering, we no longer offer refunds on our digital ebooks.    Refunds are extremely rare. As of this date, (we’ve had 3) and we hope to avoid them by providing a quality product and sample. Before ordering, please download the sample and watch video of products.  If you are interested in upgrading your Ebook to a Spiral-Bound, please contact us. If you think you may want a refund, please order the physical copy of the book.

More Teacher Testimonials...

I have always loved YOGA and did it on and off for at least 10 years.   I was facing some difficult times over this past year with the Covid lockdown and entering into a new phase with my kids getting older and my oldest got married.  I had to fill my time, but I am Christian and my faith is very important to me.  I felt Yoga was missing something and it was when I tried HOLY YOGA that I realized it was God missing from the classes.  I don’t like that regular yoga kinda focuses on “self enlightenment” when I wanted to draw closer to God.  I went through Holy Yoga training this past summer and it really has been a great experience and I have never felt closer to God through the prayer meditations that I incorporate into my Yoga now.   The training was good, but it was lacking the planning a class component!!  When I saw your NPYP I was so happy to have them and I bought the Christian ones b/c that is my only focus.  Thanks again! – Kristen


Hi Rhonda, I just received my No Prep Christian Yoga Planner. and watched this video which was so helpful. Just to Introduce myself, I just finished my 200 hours with Holy Yoga, and I am hoping to start a small group class at my church. I have been blessed to have a yoga mentor here in the small town I live in. She is planning to retire soon, so 2021 is my time to get my feet wet and your book is a lifesaver! I cannot wait to teach my first real class. Thank you again for all your hard work creating this wonderful tool and sharing it with us. Much Love to You
Beth Lewis  
1yoga clip art
Hi Rhonda,  I am loving my new no prep yoga book !!! I just used one of the meditation sequences this morning. It was awesome!! I have no complaints this book has so much to offer any yoga teacher. It has many helpful sequences and meditation programs. so much helpful information for the beginner yoga teacher and again any yoga teacher. I am so very pleased that I purchased it and look forward to using it more and more as I move forward in my yoga journey.  Thank you so much for creating this book !!Namaste, Ann