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“The key to keeping balance is to know when you lost it.”

No Prep Yoga Plans Inspirational

You may be a new yoga teacher, in which case you may have additional fears and insecurities – especially when it comes to creating your course plans. Don’t worry! It’s perfectly natural to feel some trepidation or to feel overwhelmed at times as you begin to develop your classes. Remember, all teachers go through this when they are starting out; so, you are definitely not alone! With the right array of sequences and a class plan that allows your instruction to flow – your confidence, poise, and self-assuredness as a teacher will grow naturally over time.    

I created No Prep Yoga Plan Workbooks to help yoga instructors of all levels. These address the needs and challenges by which yoga instructors may face while developing a solid and complete yoga class. No Prep Yoga Plans are a complete series of ready-to-use guides that provide an entire range of tools and structured course outlines. You can use these guides to form the basis of your instruction; or you can choose specific elements to add to the value of your current coursework and methods of teaching.

Whether you are new to yoga instruction, or whether you are a seasoned professional who quickly needs to create a class plan, then No Prep Yoga Plans are right for you. No Prep Yoga Plans can help you if you want to refresh your class for something different, or even if you just want to enhance a current class by adding to its overall usefulness!

Teach with More Confidence & Love

Not long ago, I was talking with a relatively new yoga instructor who wasn’t ready to start teaching yoga. When I asked her why, she said it was because she wanted to teach more than just yoga (the poses). She wanted to speak to the heart of her students with words of wisdom, encouragement, inspiration, and healing, but she didn’t feel like she was capable or even equipped. Yes, there are plenty of spiritual and inspiration books galore. Searching for these and adapting them to a yoga class in addition to the other preparations can seem a bit overwhelming. In fact, it might be downright daunting, especially if you’re a new instructor.

Our yoga students struggle with so many issues, sometimes on a daily basis. These can range from fear, worry, self-esteem, and downright busyness–the list goes on and on. Your yoga class may be the “only” place of respite each week where your students take time out to nurture themselves while restoring their peace of mind.

This creates an opportunity to instill principles that promote mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being; their minds and hearts are most open to it. Our minds are more open to receive the deeper things of spirit when we subdue the body in yoga. It’s much like fasting. The more in-tune we are to spiritual matters the less food we consume. Our understanding is increased and our ears are more sensitive to the still, small voice of God [Spirit] in addition to our own hearts.

 – Rhonda


What's Inside:

Getting Started



Yoga Sequences

Guided Meditations

Yoga Breathing Instruction


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290 Pages

Bravo. I Want to Add to My Teacher Training Program.”

Oh my goodness!!! I just previewed through all 270 pages! Couldn’t stop! I know this is super information just from the preview. I kept saying to myself, “I want to add this book to my Teacher Training Program.” I am thrilled to see the completeness of this yoga teacher book. I will be adding it to my required reading for my teachers in training. I have lots and lots of books, but this one adds those beautiful meditations and great suggestions on how to add them into a practice. I usually encourage my teachers to write their own and this will give them all they need. Plus the sequences with intentions are terrific and easy to understand as well. Bravo!