FAQ About No Prep Yoga Plans

Are The Christian And Inspiration Versions The Same?

No, the devotionals and guided meditation are originals and completely different in both of the No Prep Yoga Plan guided. The sequences are the same as well as the more general information. In the Christian version, the emphasis is more on Christian meditation so references to Christ and Father God are used. In the Inspirational guided meditations, you may hear words like Spirit, God, Universe. However, guided meditations in both guides would be enjoyed by all students. There is a WIDE variety of topics covered in many unique and original ways.

Our Yoga Studio Offers Teacher Trainings And I’d Love To Sell No Prep Yoga Plans As A Supplemental Text For My Students. Is That Possible?

Yes, No Prep Yoga Plans offers an affiliate program for yoga studios. When you sign up as an affiliate, you will receive your own unique code. After that, you can place a link, with your embedded code on your website and students can be directed to this link and purchase the guide(s). For each purchase, your studio will receive a percentage of the profits.

Can I Record The Guided Meditation?

Yes you can record for class use only; however, guided meditations are not allowed to be published to any online platforms including youtube, vimeo, etc.

I Own A Yoga Studio And Would Like To Have No Prep Yoga Plans Available For All My Teachers? How Does That Work?

If you have a yoga studio, you would need to purchase the yoga studio license version of No Plans Yoga Plans. This would allow all students to use any of the materials at will.

Can I Post Devotionals Or Guided Meditations On My Website, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Or Other Social Media Sites?

No, devotionals, sequences, and guided meditations are for physical class use only. However, if you are teaching on a paid fitness platform you can use the materials to teach your class. They should not be published on any free or open platforms or for the general public?