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Whatever you dodo it all for the glory of God.” -1 Corinthians 10:31

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Yoga has been practiced as exercise for more than 5,000 years. It increases the mind and the body connection, while achieving an overall physical and spiritual wellness. Over the last twenty years in particular, interest in practicing yoga has been on a steady rise. Today, yoga classes are one of the most popular forms of exercise as yoga schools and classes attracting students of all ages and walks of life.

When it comes time to develop an engaging and complete yoga class, you may find the prospect of knowing where to begin a little daunting. The combined teachings of physical and spiritual practice require a special approach that takes time and a great deal of planning to put together.

I created No Prep Yoga Plan Workbooks to help yoga instructors of all levels. These address the needs and challenges by which yoga instructors may face while developing a solid and complete yoga class. No Prep Yoga Plans are a complete series of ready-to-use guides that provide an entire range of tools and structured course outlines. You can use these guides to form the basis of your instruction; or you can choose specific elements to add to the value of your current coursework and methods of teaching.

Whether you are new to yoga instruction, or whether you are a seasoned professional who quickly needs to create a class plan, then No Prep Yoga Plans are right for you. No Prep Yoga Plans can help you if you want to refresh your class for something different, or even if you just want to enhance a current class by adding to its overall usefulness!

Teach with More
Confidence & Love

As a Christian Yogi, for years I have often begun my classes with biblically-inspired devotional openers. I ended each class with a guided meditation; these are what I am complimented on the most. My students appreciate the little extra effort that go into my classes; not only have they worked out their bodies, but their souls were ministered as well.

As a certified yoga and meditation instructor, I understand the preparation time of a quality yoga class, especially for those new to this platform. Teaching that first class can give you a case of the jitters since you may still not feel quite as confident in the craft. Having a tool that will supply you with the tools you need makes it a smooth transition. It can make being a new teacher so much more rewarding and freeing. That is why I created this book. Essentially, I personally wanted a tool that allowed me to flip through the pages while having a variety of resources right there and ready to go. I began creating one yoga class per week. Then, I continued creating more upon getting great feedback from my students.  Having this simplistic tool makes creating a great yoga class so much easier. – Rhonda

What's Inside:


Getting Started



Yoga Sequences

Guided Meditations

Yoga Breathing Instruction


Spiral Bound Resized

Formats: Digital Ebook* or Spiral-Bound

*Can print and add to binder!

“These No Prep Yoga Plans are Amazing!”

“These no prep yoga plans are amazing! I sometimes go in so many directions with what my heart feels led to teach and then I feel as if God gives me another message… next thing you know… I am not focused and my class prep goes out the window. This is fabulous. I was looking for something to supplement my teaching and this will be fabulous…These are a gold mine!

“They Are Wonderful!”

Hi Rhonda! 

I am very HAPPY with the books. I printed them and took to office max to get bound. They are wonderful. I have been teaching since 2004, and have taken two 200 hour training, the second one, just to refresh and learn. I ordered the books, because I am always looking for something to read to my class at the end or beginning of class, and it’s hard for me to think of meditations to use on my own, plus I am so busy I don’t have hours to spend crafting meditations, plus I like the sequence guide too. I read one Tuesday at my class at LA fitness and they really liked it. I used one today in my senior chair yoga class and they also loved it. So thank you. I hope you do more projects like this in the future. Would love to see you on you tube, or even leading a little workshop.
Blessings on your Easter. 
Stacy Fetters, Fort Worth, TX