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Statistically, there are currently 250,000 to 650,000 certified yoga teachers in the United States. Yet talk to your average new yoga teacher and many often feel unprepared to teach that first class!  In addition, with so many yoga teachers out there, many wonder, how do they stand out from the crowd? No Prep Yoga Plans, created by fellow yoga instructor, Rhonda Jones, has a solution. 

Although Jones attended a 200-hour yoga teacher training programs, after the training ended, she felt she needed something more.  That something more, according to Jones, was a comprehensive and user friendly yoga handbook, that she could use to create a great yoga class quickly and easily. “Before creating No Prep Yoga Plans,” stated Rhonda, “I’d sometimes spend hours searching for yoga sequences, meditation scripts for yoga teachers, yoga breathing techniques, verbal cueing and more.”  Even though at some point these were all covered in the yoga teacher trainings, “it’s a lot of information to retain and retrieve, especially if you don’t teach yoga everyday,” said Jones.

“So I set out to create the perfect yoga manual for me,” said Jones, and that’s how No Prep Yoga Plans was birthed. “I can honestly say that NPYP transformed my yoga classes and greatly increased my confidence as a new yoga teacher,” stated the author.  “Within minutes, I can create a complete themed-based yoga class that includes a yoga sequence, inspirational opener, progressive relaxation, and guided meditation all from one, organized resource,” she said. “And I’m not alone,” said Rhonda. “I frequently get emails, even letters from students who write, “I Love No Prep Yoga Plan,” she stated. 

No Prep Yoga Plans is available in two versions: Inspirational and Faith-Based or Christian. The lesson plan guides can be purchased as an ebook or in a ready-made binder. In addition to selling NPYP to teachers, Jones has created a No Prep Yoga Plans Branding Program for yoga studios who conduct yoga teacher training programs. The branding program allows yoga studios to provide the NPYP handout  with the studios own branding, logo, and cover. “These handbooks can really enhance any yoga teacher training by providing students with an out-the-door yoga resource guide,” said Jones.

Yoga, along with meditation, are being prescribed more and more by health professionals to curb stress and anxiety that according to the CDC and World Health Organization, are the root causes behind 80-85% of all disease. A 2012 Yoga Journal study indicated that 8.7 percent of U.S. adults, or 20.4 million people, practice yoga regularly. “With so many people turning to yoga and meditation as a form of stress relief and inner healing, it’s important that yoga teachers feel ready and equipped to provide these  important services,” said Jones.  

According to  relaxation therapist, yoga instructor, and wellness coach Regina Queen, “No Prep Yoga Plans should be included in every Teacher Training Program. This is such a beneficial resource for yoga teachers both personally and professionally. After I completed my teacher training I was overwhelmed and a little burned out. I felt intimidated and wasn’t sure where to begin. This guide helped me create the foundation for my classes as I added my signature style.”

No Prep Yoga Plans provides everything at your fingertips to create an inspiring and motivating yoga class. To learn more or get a free sample visit