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Secrets to Keep your Yoga Students Coming Back

With many years of personal experience and knowledge, today I am the creator of no-prep-yoga-plans sharing you some hacks that only needed to Convert your students into disciples and to keep them coming back…

What’s secret to getting students to coming back? Learn the hacks about keeping your students! 1st and foremost, being genuine is needed. Your students know the difference.

But just being you isn’t all that you require to keep them getting back for more. Today I am sharing several tips to help you preserve new students in your classes.

To be successful, we require to weave in a bit of yogic philosophy or a new playlist for each group. I’ve assembled a list of my favorites in hopes they will benefit you more quickly create that perfect class and keep your students reaching back for more.

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Being a yoga instructor is one of the most satisfying jobs in the world. Till no one shows up to your class. Unless you scored a busy time slot at the most popular yoga studio in town, chances are you’ve experienced low-class sizes at one point in your career.

Steadily teaching a class to just one or two personalities can feel ordinary and get old after a while.


 #1: “Lead a themed class”.

A great way to pull and retain new students is by leading a particular themed class or running a studio. Once you assemble data on who your students are and what they are there for, you can theme class about their wants.

Hopefully, you have already discovered your niche…. After identifying your niche, focus on special classes related to your niche.

Directing a workshop or multi-class group will give your students an opportunity to take their exercise deeper, and they’ll witness a new side of you as a teacher. When they perceive a taste of what you’re capable of in a more intimate setting, they’ll want to endure all you have to offer!


#2:”Discover their motives for exercising yoga”.

Find their right impulses for exercising yoga. Learning what carried them to their mats can support them much in their practice… and further, harden your connection. Whether they are reaching for pain relief, emotional support or injury rehabilitation, you can help them get more out of each class by attuning into why they are there. Whether connecting them in class or being receptive to their journey, understanding their motives will significantly influence their experience with you.

You can tailor a particular piece of your class to help them or even suggest a book, or blog post on your website to sustain their practice off the mat. Their trust in you will grow over time, and most likely they’ll want to get back to your studio.


#3: “Get their names”.

Get new students’ names upon their entrance into your class. This will show them that you’re taking an interest in them. When someone recognizes your name after facing them, you feel respected and influential. It can create a lasting impression on someone, and hold them coming back to your studio. Remember a name is like proffering your student a little gift.

After they intro themselves, reply using their name, “Nice to meet you too, Emily. My name is Rhonda.” Use their name in the studio as a way to help memorize it, and a way to show you are attuned to their practice to supporting them in proceeding deeper.


#4: “Convert them into disciples (know your students personally)”.


Question about their life! If you aspire to have a student come back, get to know them a little.

After getting their name, take the time to make a genuine relationship with your learners. People love to share their tales and chat about themselves! It’s true! Recognize the little details they share. When you’re able to remember things about what’s going on in their world, their appreciation and admiration will rise for you.

An authentic connection is what will pull a student for life. And perhaps even a new friend!


#5: “Make the class available to all learners”.

Egotism exists in yoga. Although the training of yoga helps control the ego, sometimes we can’t maintain it. It’s always there, craving for attention and dictating our judgments.

Egotism gets in the way, and injuries occur when students push themselves too far away. This is very popular with new students. Damage leads to frustration which will stop your students from getting back.

Make yoga available for all. If you have new students coming to a moderate level class, offer adjustments and selections for poses. But don’t just quit at the postures…using Sanskrit or too many professional words can separate students and leave them feeling confused. If you choose to use Sanskrit or another high-level anatomy style, be sure to explain what you’re speaking in more layman’s terms too, so as not to drop anyone out.

Yoga is training for everyone. By making it available for all, you are building a welcoming environment in which students will want to return!


#6: “Expand the connection through your blog (like no-prep-yoga-plans)”.

Once you make a relationship, let your students identify where they can find more data about you and your incoming classes. In other words, lead them to your blog!

Once they hit your site, your students can read more about you and your designs. If people sign up for your email newsletter, you have a chance to create a deeper connection with them by this weekly/monthly touch point.

If the studio approves it, keep a paper sign up sheet at the table so your students can attach their name/email to your list. Bonus points for giving up a “free gift/lead magnet” in change for your students joining your list.

Not only will they be willing to come back to your studio, but you can invite them to your private class/workshop that we quoted above!



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