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5 Successful Strategies to Market Your Yoga Classes

With more people coming to the realization of how important it is to have physical and mental health, the Yoga teacher has better opportunities to earn a good income from serving this target demographic. However, with so much opportunity in the space there has been an explosion in spirit guides, meditation teachers, dance instructors, and yogis. With so many practitioners out there standing out from the crowd has become even more important than ever.

The best way to stand out in the crowded marketplace is by putting in place an innovative marketing strategy. This guide sets out five effective ways to market your yoga business.


Define Your Brand To market yoga class, Branding is one of the most important things you can do, whether you have an up and coming studio, a huge yoga franchise, or a private client business. By having a clear branding strategy in place you can then determine how best you can market your business to set it apart from the competition, and attract the type of students that you want.   

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Among the important elements of your brand include:  

1. Your mission: What is your story, why did you get into yoga? Why are you so interested in helping others find passion and peace in their lives through yoga?

2. Visual Elements: Have high-quality slogans, logos and theme colors designed for your business that you will use in all your marketing material and properties such as email templates, social media profiles, websites, and studios.

By doing this you set yourself apart as people come to associate your business with certain colors, logos, and values.


Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth marketing is one of the oldest ways of marketing a business and it still works like a charm. For a service business like a yoga studio which is, for the most part local, nothing works as good as word of mouth marketing. In fact, research has shown that as many as 85% of yoga business owners get new clients through word of mouth.

The best way to market your yoga business by word of mouth is by building a community and providing the best atmosphere, experiences, and customer service possible. If you can genuinely get your existing customers to recommend your yoga lessons to their family and friends, then you stand to grow your business by a lot.


Content Marketing

If you intend to grow your business beyond the local, then having a content marketing strategy is one of the best ways to do it. The first place to start is to build a website where you can brand yourself as an expert.

The best way to do content marketing is to position yourself in a few areas of yoga practice. For instance, you can pick five to ten asanas and blog about the basics and emergent trends about those asanas. By doing this you will be considered an authority on those topics, which creates trust in your brand.

Content marketing could also include video marketing. Invest in a good video recorder and editing software and create interactive short clips on how to do particular asanas or interesting topics that you can live stream on YouTube or on platforms like Periscope and Twitch.


Partner with Local Businesses

A yoga business stands to benefit a lot from partnering with similar body and mind wellness businesses in its locality. As a Yogi approach business such as massage parlors, healthy food restaurants, nutritionists, and even therapists to partner up to cross-promote your businesses.

-One of the most effective ways of doing this is by using flyers, which you can give to other businesses to distribute to their clients. -Organize promotions and discounts where clients get better rates if they purchase the products or services of both businesses. -Another angle I have seen working very well is having a joint event. For instance, you could partner up with a coffee house where you get your students to turn up for an early morning class and then go for an espresso tasting after the lesson.   


Social Media Marketing 

This marketing strategy is married to content marketing. Social media is one of the most interactive ways of reaching people, which makes it very effective for a yoga business. The best way to do this is to set up profiles on all the important platforms such as Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.  Share the most interesting content from your blog content on your social media profiles for some amazing engagement with your fans and followers. An effective strategy on social media is boosting your posts to your given demographic and locale to maximize engagement and conversions. While not everyone will convert, you will create brand awareness and get some people to sign up as clients over time.

Now that you have some great ideas for marketing your yoga business, you’ll want to think about creating a yoga class that will keep them coming back for more. I highly recommend No Prep Yoga Plans which has both a Inspirational and Faith-based version. No Prep Yoga Plans is like the Cliffnotes of Yoga for new yoga teachers. It contains yoga sequences, guided meditations, inspirational openers, and much more. To download a free sample, visit No Prep Yoga Plans.

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