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marketing yoga classes

5 Successful Strategies to Market Your Yoga Classes

With more people coming to the realization of how important it is to have physical and mental health, the Yoga teacher has better opportunities to earn a good income from serving this target demographic. However, with so much opportunity in the space there has been...


Should Yoga Teachers Incorporate Meditation in a Yoga Studio?

When we talk about meditation, what we’re often speaking about is the meditation methods. Yoga asana, for example, could be one procedure to help calm the mind. The limbs of yoga that originate before meditation (dhyana) are pratyahara which means pulling your awareness away from the...

yoga practice

Tips on Maintaining Your Own Yoga Practice

Yoga offers many exercises on balance. Off the mat, it explains balance in life: in one's intake, relationships, ethics, emotions, etc. On the carpet, yoga’s most obvious lesson in balance is the difficulty of finding real equality in different asanas. The following steps will assist...