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We understand that the road to becoming a yoga instructor is a journey, and we are here to help with our fully customizable and ready to use guides.

“No Prep Yoga” takes yoga and transforms it into a Christian-centered and faith-based experience. With the use of biblical scriptures this course was designed to renew your mind, body and soul.

Buy Now (include link to site)

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  • No Prep Yoga Book
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The time is now, to learn more visit and for more information visit our website (insert affiliate website).


Subject: Your Blueprint to Create a Faith-based Yoga Class in Minutes!

Don’t let your dream career pass you by, “No Prep Yoga Plans” is a spirit led blueprint to teaching faith-based and inspirational yoga. You can create a “No Prep Yoga Class” in just minutes!

This comprehensive plan can be used for brand new yoga instructors or existing yoga instructors who want to add more value to their classes. Our course material is intended to experience lasting transformation, whole worship and an intimate experience that will draw your class closer to the heart of God.

Invest Now (include link to site)

Your No Prep Yoga Book will include:

  • Printed Book with Binders & Custom tabs
  • Yoga Studio license (includes e-book & printed with binder)
  • 30 themes inspirational or devotional messages
  • 30 guided meditation to choose from
  • 15 progressive relaxation openers
  • A variety of yoga sequences to choose from
  • Essential oil guides to enhance the uplifting experience of the asanas

There’s also easy to use instructions for breathing techniques, best poses for common emotional and physical ailments, verbal cues, and so much more!

Bonus! If you purchase before (enter date) you will receive (insert promotional deal).

To learn more visit and start planning your yoga class today.


Subject: Learn Why Yoga Instructors Prefer Our No Yoga Plan Over any Other

Don’t just take our word for it, hear from (insert name of person giving testimonial) For example: Regina Queen, Relaxation Therapist, Yoga Instructor & Wellness Coach share her experience using No Prep Yoga Plan:

“No Prep Yoga Plans should be included in every Teacher Training Program. This is such a beneficial resource for Yoga Teachers both personally and professionally. After I completed my Teacher Training I was overwhelmed and a little burned out. I felt intimidated and wasn’t sure where to begin.

This guide helped me create the foundation for my classes as I added my signature style. I have multiple commitments and sometimes find it difficult to find the time to prepare proper sequences for every class ahead of time.

The self-reflective meditations are extremely helpful as they allow me to center myself before each class. Rhonda provides the roadmap that creates space for me to be still. It is mutually beneficial for my students and myself. If you are considering a Faith-based Yoga teacher training, Please consider No Yoga Plan, it will change your life, and those around you in the best way possible.”

  • Regina Queen, Relaxation Therapist, Yoga Instructor & Wellness Coach

You can visit Regina’s website at (insert website)

To learn more visit NoPrepYogaPlans.comand invest in your business today.

Subject: No Prep Yoga Plan: A Pocket Guide to Yoga

(Use similar format to Workflow #3 and share another testimonial) For example:

“As the creator of “No Prep Yoga Plans,” I first thought of the idea for a go-to guide to help me create a quicker, easier, and more rewarding class for my students. Being a part-time yoga instructor who teaches only a few classes a week and not a whole lot of time to prepare, I was looking for a way to create an inspirational yoga class in a moments notice.

I absolutely LOVE using my No Prep Yoga Guides. Typically, the day before a class, I will use the No Prep Themed Table Guide to help me build a class fast! I never have to stress over what I am going to teach or spend hours researching or putting a class together. It’s all right there at my fingertips. I teach with so much more confidence now. It has also made teaching much more fun and rewarding for me, and I know my students are benefiting as well!”

– Rhonda Jones

No Prep Yoga Plan successfully integrates mind, body, and spirit tradition of yoga fused with Christianity. It has worked for me and I highly recommend it to you!

To get started today visit (add affiliate link)

Blog Post Product Reviews

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No prep yoga plans Product Review

No Prep Yoga Plans is a company that makes manuals for yoga teachers that, as the name suggests, require no preparation. It offers an inspirational’ version as well as a aith-based’ version, both of which are available as eBook or hardcopy. 

Both versions include 30 openers, 30 guided meditation scripts, over 30 yoga sequences and more. An instant-access eBook of either version will cost you $67, a hard copy is also available at $97. There is also a $107 eBook package and a $197 Yoga studio license available. How good is it?

As many of you yoga teachers will also have experienced, starting as a yoga teacher can be quite difficult. In many cases the training doesn’t seem to provide enough information to get started, which can make you very nervous. That’s where No Prep Yoga Plans comes in: 265 pages of openers, meditations, sequences and more that give you references and tips for your next yoga class. 

I recently started using the Faith-based No Prep plan and I have to say it lives up to its name. If I would have to give a yoga class right now, I could open the book and start going right away. 

The openers give you prayers and scriptures and have you set an intention for your practice. The prayers are very inspiring and perfectly set the mood for the class. I also really like the idea of setting an intention because it gives a shared goal for everyone in the class and creates a special connection in the group. For almost everyone this will make the class a better experience. 

Of course the book also gives you yoga sequences. The difficulty varies a bit, but as a yoga teacher with some basic training you will have no problems doing and teaching these poses. Once again, the book lives up to its name: I could do and teach the poses without any preparation. I just picked a sequence and started. 

The book also covers a lot of meditations, all of which have a certain theme or themes. I like to use these themes to create a red line in my sessions. By combining it with a sequence and a fitting opener I can make my classes flow towards a goal, which works very well. Since the meditations are completely scripted, I once again need no preparation to do it! It even gives me hints at when to pause and how to speak, so there is almost no way to do it wrong, especially since the texts are very inspiring. 

All in all, No Prep Yoga Plans offers inspiring ways to teach yoga. You can buy it at A free sample is also available at the website. If you are a yoga teacher looking for a way to improve your classes or if you just want some inspiration for your next session, the No Prep Yoga Plans are the way to go for you. Because of the way the book is written, it is also great for new teachers. And you won’t have to prepare a thing

Personally, I used to have worries on how and when to prepare Yoga sequences for my class since I was always held up and too busy to make time. Sometimes I would end up cancelling a class just because I didn’t prepare adequately and felt like I would deliver less than expected. This affected both me and my students adversely, and so I decided to search online for any already prepared Yoga plans. The ones I found were so vague and costly, they were the complete opposite of what I needed, and I nearly gave up on the whole idea.

One afternoon I started perusing through the internet trying to find a solution to my problem. I wasn’t looking that hard, all I was doing was skimming through the web pages. After an hour or so I bumped into something that caught my eye, No prep yoga plans. I became excited, I stopped, recollected myself and started going through the webpage reading each and every word. The more I read, the more it became very interesting, they had exactly what I needed for my Yoga class.

They had amazing faith-based motivational openers, yoga sequences and inspirational scripts. I was very impressed. The best part is that I got all these absolutely free without spending a dime all thanks to their free sample of No prep yoga plans. I quickly contacted my students and rescheduled all the classes I had missed. No prep yoga plan saved my life!

What to expect from No prep yoga plans
There are so many amazing activities featured on No prep yoga plans; these activities will ensure that your class is both active and disciplined throughout the Yoga session. They include:-

Motivational openers
No prep Yoga plans will give you detailed motivational class openers that will jog your student’s minds and keep them alert. These motivational openers are also very essential for their spiritual growth. I always add some of my ideas as well as some scripture verses to keep the session alive and interactive. This helps my students to quickly get into the Yoga mood before we begin the days’ sequence.

Yoga sequences
No prep Yoga plans have more than thirty Yoga sequences; this always gives me an easy time since am sure I won’t run out of options. The sequences are very involving, and my students tend to enjoy the class more than they used to.

No prep faith guided meditation
I have never seen such an inspirational meditation in my life, ever! No prep Yoga plans give some of the best faith guided meditations that have been very helpful to both me and my students. At the end of the day, I am sure my student’s faith has been restored as well as their body and mind.

No prep yoga plans have made my life easy and my yoga classes interesting. I no longer cancel classes, and I never run out of yoga sequences to teach my students. The inspirational meditations are just amazing and very helpful. Get your free No prep yoga plan sample and transform your teaching experience.

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