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What are No Prep Yoga Plans?

yoga sequences – guided meditation scripts – theme yoga lesson plans  –  relaxation scripts  – essential oils guide

No Prep Yoga Plans are the ultimate yoga cliffnotes for yoga teachers. Each guide contains themed yoga lesson plans, guided meditation and relaxation scripts, class openers, yoga sequences and so much more!  Whether you are a new yoga teacher looking to supplement your coursework or a seasoned yoga teacher desiring to give your students a more holistic yoga experience…

You'll love no prep yoga plans!

What’s Inside No Prep 

Yoga Plans:

  • 30 + Ready-Made Themed Yoga Sequences
  • 16 Relaxation Scripts
  • 30 Guided Meditation Scripts
  • Essential Oils Integration Guide
  • Breathing techniques & instructions
  • Verbal cueing and best practices
  • Yoga and common ailments
  • Yoga poses and benefits chart
  • How to create mindful awareness
  • And MUCH more!
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4 Steps to Creating a Transformative Yoga Class in Minutes!

yoga lesson plans

1. Grab your copy of No Prep Yoga Plans and pick a NPYP Theme. There are over 12 themes to choose from: Trust, Gratitude, Love, Self-Love and more!

2. Using the THEME CHART, choose a devotional or inspirational class opener and a guided meditation script (to end your class).  Then choose a relaxation script to help your students unwind! 

guided meditation scripts
yoga lesson plans

3. Now it’s time to choose your yoga sequence. These are themed-based as well. Over 30 to choose from. Use it as-is or modify to your style, class, length, or liking.

4. Give it a trial run. Have an extra 5-minutes to spare, go through a trial run with your yoga sequence. This allows you to make any adjustments before teaching. That’s It!

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Why Yoga Teachers Love No Prep Yoga Plans...


“Such a Beneficial Resource for Yoga Teachers.”

“No Prep Yoga Plans should be included in every Teacher Training Program. This is such a beneficial resource for Yoga Teachers both personally and professionally. After I completed my Teacher Training I was overwhelmed and a little burned out. I felt intimidated and wasn't sure where to begin. This guide helped me create the foundation for my classes as I added my signature style. I have multiple commitments and sometimes find it difficult to find the time to prepare proper sequences for every class ahead of time. The self-reflective meditations are extremely helpful as they allow me to center myself before each class. Rhonda provides the roadmap that creates space for me to be still. It is mutually beneficial for my students and myself. If you are considering a Faith-based Yoga teacher training, Please consider No Yoga Plan, it will change your life, and those around you in the best way possible.”
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“Bravo. I Want to Add to My Teacher Training Program.”

Oh my goodness!!! I just previewed through all 270 pages! Couldn’t stop! I know this is super information just from the preview. I kept saying to myself, “I want to add this book to my Teacher Training Program.” I am thrilled to see the completeness of this yoga teacher book. I will be adding it to my required reading for my teachers in training. I have lots and lots of books, but this one adds those beautiful meditations and great suggestions on how to add them into a practice. I usually encourage my teachers to write their own and this will give them all they need. Plus the sequences with intentions are terrific and easy to understand as well. Bravo!
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“These No Prep Yoga Plans are Amazing!”

These no prep yoga plans are amazing! I sometimes go in so many directions with what my heart feels led to teach and then I feel as if God gives me another message... next thing you know... I am not focused and my class prep goes out the window. This is fabulous. I was looking for something to supplement my teaching and this will be fabulous...These are a gold mine!
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“You Have a Goldmine Here.”

Rhonda, I love the plans. I'm getting ready for my class for Friday, and I’m theming it “Self-Love.” I am thrilled to have found you and your plans. It is everything I wanted to put into my own classes. I own a meditation studio. Because I am a spiritual and meditation teacher, I tend towards wanting themes to explore and to give the best I can to my students. You have a goldmine here, really, and truly. So much more, I need to explore within its pages. My heart is full of gratitude for the time you put into this.Peace and Blessings!
Monica W

Thank you for Sharing Your Heart for God and Yoga

THANK YOU! Just thank you for sharing your heart for God and for yoga through these books.  I don't know how I stumbled upon them, but I'm SO glad about it!  I will be graduating from my YTT 200-hr tomorrow, and your plans and meditations could not have come at a better time.   I'm excited about sharing yoga with my workplace and my church, but I wanted to make sure that the plans and themes were safe, inspiring, and respect the integrity of the practice.  I am confident that I will be able to do that now, thanks to your books. 

Monica Brown Wearren, MHA, CPLP, and soon-to-be RYT200


Frequently Asked Questions

No Prep Yoga Plans Christian

Are The Christian And Inspiration Versions The Same?

No, the devotionals and guided meditation are originals and completely different in both of the No Prep Yoga Plan guided. The sequences are the same as well as the more general information. In the Christian version, the emphasis is more on Christian meditation so references to Christ and Father God are used. In the Inspirational guided meditations, you may hear words like Spirit, God, Universe. However, guided meditations in both guides would be enjoyed by all students. There is a WIDE variety of topics covered in many unique and original ways.


Our Yoga Studio Offers Teacher Trainings And I’d Love To Sell No Prep Yoga Plans As A Supplemental Text For My Students. Is That Possible?

Yes, No Prep Yoga Plans offers an affiliate program for yoga studios. When you sign up as an affiliate, you will receive your own unique code. After that, you can place a link, with your embedded code on your website and students can be directed to this link and purchase the guide(s). For each purchase, your studio will receive a percentage of the profits.


Can I Record The Guided Meditation?

Yes you can record for class use only; however, guided meditations are not allowed to be published to any online platforms including youtube, vimeo, etc.


I Own A Yoga Studio And Would Like To Have No Prep Yoga Plans Available For All My Teachers? How Does That Work?

If you have a yoga studio, you would need to purchase the yoga studio license version of No Plans Yoga Plans. This would allow all students to use any of the materials at will.


Can I Post Devotionals Or Guided Meditations On My Website, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Or Other Social Media Sites?

No, devotionals, sequences, and guided meditations are for physical class use only. However, if you are teaching on a paid fitness platform you can use the materials to teach your class. They should not be published on any free or open platforms or for the general public?