Learn How to Supplement Your Yoga Teacher Training Program with No Prep Yoga Plans!

Themed Lesson Plans

No Prep Yoga Plans is the Yoga Cliff Notes for New Yoga Teachers. Many new yoga teachers often leave their teacher training program lacking confidence and full of new teacher jitters. They wonder if they have all it takes to start teaching yoga right away and will they get it right. Although they’ve gained a ton of knowledge during their training, most often, they have few organized resources that actually allow them to start teaching RIGHT away with confidence and skill.

Why No Prep Yoga Plans?

  • NPYP contains 35 ready-made theme-based sequences that can be used at a moment’s notice. Students can use the sequences as a resource while building their own unique style and voice.
  • Ready-made relaxation scripts. Students don’t have to write down their own relaxation scripts or try to come up with one on the fly. NPYPs have many to choose from to help students relax and transition students into their yoga practice.
  • 30 Guided Meditation Scripts, as well as a meditation overview, will give more teachers confidence in leading a meditation class. Many teacher training programs give little time to the area of meditation; however, many people love having meditation incorporated into their yoga classes.
  • There are also instructions on verbal cueing, yoga and ailments charts, inspirational and devotional openers, essential oils,  the most popular yoga breath instructions, and much more.

We’re sure you offer a great teacher training program and your students learn so much, but at the end of the day, it’s a lot to remember, take in, and access when needed. No Prep Yoga Plans will give your trainees that added support and make your Yoga Teacher Training stand out above the rest. You can make No Prep Yoga Plans an optional or mandatory resource for your classes. 




Read What Three Yoga Studio Owners Said About No Prep Yoga Plans...

Oh my goodness!!! I just previewed through all 270 pages! Couldn’t stop! I know this is super information just from the preview. I kept saying to myself, “I want to add this book to my Teacher Training Program.” I am thrilled to see the completeness of this yoga teacher book. I will be adding it to my required reading for my teachers in training. I have lots and lots of books, but this one adds those beautiful meditations and great suggestions on how to add them into a practice. I usually encourage my teachers to write their own and this will give them all they need. Plus the sequences with intentions are terrific and easy to understand as well. Bravo!- Debbie Zarnay, Owner of Zarnay Yoga, FL

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“Rhonda, love, love, love Inspirational No Prep Yoga Plans. You have nailed it. Bravo! This tool is fantastic and will be a great addition to my resource library. If there is any way I can support you as you grow, let me know.” Shanti- Tamsie Ray, Co-Owner of Red Door Yoga and Certified Life Coach, Certified Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher, RYT230

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“Rhonda, I love the plans. I’m getting ready for my class for Friday, and I’m theming it “Self-Love.” I am thrilled to have found you and your plans. It is everything I wanted to put into my own classes. I own a meditation studio. Because I am a spiritual and meditation teacher, I tend towards wanting themes to explore and to give the best I can to my students. You have a goldmine here, really, and truly. So much more, I need to explore within its pages. My heart is full of gratitude for the time you put into this.Peace and Blessings!” – Deb Phelps, Certified Meditation Instructor and Certified Life Coach, Certified Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher, RYT230

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